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New to investing? With the right advice and approach, good investing becomes the foundation of a bright future

CIBC offers 'six investment tips' to help investors get started today

TORONTO, Jan. 25 /CNW/ - Investing your money is often the best way to save for what matters to you such as your child's education, buying a home or your retirement. And while market volatility may have would-be investors sitting on the sidelines, they could be missing out on opportunities to grow their assets. So once you've made the decision to begin investing to reach your financial goals, where do you start?

"For those who are just starting to think about investing their money, an important first step is to consult a professional," said Steve Geist, president of CIBC Asset Management. "An experienced financial advisor can help you build a plan tailored to your individual goals, timeline, budget and tolerance for risk and can help you select the investment solutions that best suit you."

With professional guidance and by understanding a few simple investment principles, investors can begin to build a foundation for long-term growth, moving closer towards achieving their goals with each contribution.

CIBC offers these six fundamental concepts to help demystify investing.

1) Have a plan. One of the most important tips by far: if you don't have
    a plan, how do you know where you are going, and how will you know when
    you arrive? Your plan will help you set realistic goals, order your
    long-term priorities and show you what you need to do. Review your plan
    with your advisor, at least annually, to ensure you have the right
    solutions in place and to help you maintain perspective and stay on track
    towards your goals.

    2) Get started today. Don't procrastinate - after you make your plan, do
    something with it. The most significant market happenings are often swift
    and unpredictable so waiting for the perfect market conditions to arise
    before you invest could hinder your long-term financial goals. For
    younger investors, time is one of their biggest advantages.

    3) Always take taxes into account. Always consider the effects of taxes
    on your returns. Some investments are more advantageous than others as
    taxes and inflation can diminish returns. Investors also need to be aware
    of the relative tax implications of different investment vehicles, such
    as the advantages of investing in a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)
    versus a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) which can vary
    depending on the individual and their goals.

    4) Contribute regularly. It's considerably easier to come up with smaller
    investment amounts on a regular basis than it is to make large, lump-sum
    contributions. A regular investment plan allows you to choose how often
    and how much you want to contribute, ensuring investing remains a
    priority all year long. This is the most painless way to get started and
    you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

    5) Understand risk and diversify. Always consider the long-term return
    potential, level of risk and suitability of any investment before adding
    it to your portfolio. The key is to build a balanced, well-diversified
    plan adjusted to meet your own level of risk tolerance that can both help
    protect and grow your capital over time.

    6) Give your investments a chance to grow. Be patient and let time do its
    work. Remember, your plan is a long-term one and the more time your
    investments have to grow, the greater your total returns will be. Avoid
    withdrawing funds from your investments to pay down short-term debts. For
    short-term funding needs, consider your other available sources like
    non-registered investments or a Tax-Free Savings Account.

"Remember that your investment advisor is your greatest resource and ally as you look to grow your assets and achieve your financial goals," adds Geist. "Having a dedicated professional watching out for your best interests can help take some of the mystery and pressure out of investing."

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